Bugle Garden
 Inspired by  Bead and Button Quick Stitch project in August 2007 issue “Pillars of Strength” by Jill Wiseman. I added purple, yellow and orange mini flower sequins for an everlasting garden.

Wedding Bracelet

I needed a bracelet for my nephew’s wedding. I found inspiration in Beadwork Magazine, Dec09/Jan10. The Arabella bracelet served for the foundation and then I embellished with sequins and Swarovski crystals. What else for a wedding.


Herringbone Star

When looking for findings don’t overlook your neighborhood fabric store. I found this starfish in the button section. It makes the perfect closure for the herringbone bracelet with cubes, Czech fire polished rounds, and 8’s. I think it is the star of the project.

Eye Bangle
This was created for an exhibit called “Small Wonders” I enjoyed creating this piece, because I got to combine some of my favorite stitches— peyote for the bangle and herringbone spacers and sequins to surround the eye– protection all around you.

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