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I am a jewelry addict from way back. In early dress up days it was all about the jewelry, I did not care so much for Mom’s pretty dresses or high heels, I loved to pile on the necklaces, bracelets and was very disappointed that I only had 2 ears and could not wear multiple earrings, you can tell I am from the before multiple piercings days.

Over the years my obsession continued but it grew into a hobby. One that I could share with my grandmother,  bead crochet, which had its first round of popularity in the early 70’s. I would string the beads while she did the crocheting, great memories of our time together.

Many years later when I finished graduate school, I wanted to learn something fun, I started with polymer clay beads which I loved. The colors were so inviting, I loved making various patterns that would decorate beads and barrettes.

Two things about me— I am into color and hair. Hair is a great place to extend the personal adornment too. When I was stringing polymer beads and would visit bead shops and the rainbow of seed beads would often catch my eye. I would purchase a few tubes that “someday” I would use. That “someday” was the day I moved aboard our 40 foot catamaran.

All the equipment for polymer beads would take up way too much room, so that is when I started bead weaving, and have never looked back.

Now that I am living on land with a spacious studio space I have expanded to include Swarovski crystal in my bead stash, ribbons, cords and sequins. My interests are still color, will always be color and have begun experimenting with braiding and sequins that you will see in various projects. I am passionate about beading and love to share that interest, I am always will to share what I have learned.


Lapis Donuts have no calories

While traveling to Albuquerque I found this lapis donut along with some onyx and turquoise. They don’t let you out of New Mexico without at least one turquoise purchase and  I checked that box! The lapis donut that I am wearing was the first to make it into wearable art. I created a strip of peyote to serve as a bail. Then I used the double spiral stitch in 11s and 15s to give the neck strap maximum color and texture.

Barrel Lace Earrings

These earrings are some of my favorite— a barrel lace bead with 15s as the embellishment. The earring is created by stacking the bead between Czech bicones that at one time sold for a dollar a strand; of course I have just about every color available. I love making these, they are such a fun experiment with various color pallets.

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